BADS 2011  

3rd Workshop on Bio-Inspired and Self-* Algorithms for Distributed Systems

to take place on June 14 during

8th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing ( ICAC 2011 )
Karlsruhe, Germany, June 14-18, 2011


Previous Events:  BADS 2010  BADS 2009


Selected papers will be invited to the Natural Computing Journal, Springer (indexed by ISI).

Call for Papers (pdf version)

Computer systems are characterized by an ever growing complexity and a pronounced distributed nature. Centralized or hierarchical architectures are becoming impractical because they have poor scalability and fault-tolerance characteristics. Decentralized architectures and algorithms, for example P2P and Grid systems, are increasingly popular, but they need new types of algorithms to be efficiently managed.

Bio-inspired algorithms and techniques feature fault-tolerant and self-adaptive behaviours that help to boost the autonomic nature of distributed systems, and are proving effective for the solution of hard parallel and distributed problems. These techniques are sometimes “evolutionary”, as they can exploit genetic rules for the selection and recombination of candidate solutions. In other cases, solutions rely on the operations of agents, whose behaviour is inspired by biological systems, including ant colonies, bird flocks, honey bees, bacteria, and many more. In such systems, “swarm intelligence” emerges from the interaction of a large number of very simple agents.

Bio-inspired algorithms and systems are routinely applied to hard and large problems in a variety of areas. Some examples are optimization problems solved with genetic algorithms, routing strategies inspired by honey bee behaviour, resource discovery and data mining computations in Grid, Cloud and P2P frameworks, achieved by ant-inspired algorithms, and so on.

This full day workshop aims to gather scientists, engineers, and practitioners to share and exchange their experiences, discuss challenges, and report state-of-the-art and in-progress research on bio-inspired algorithms and systems.


The proceedings of BADS 2011 will be published by ACM and distributed at the workshop.


Selected papers will be invited to the Natural Computing Journal, Springer (indexed by ISI).

After the past two editions, revised and extended versions of selected papers were included in special issues of Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier (vol.26/6), and New Generation Computing, Springer (to appear in 2011).

Areas of interest

In this workshop we are interested in the exploitation of bio-inspired algorithms and systems for the support of the effective design and efficient implementation of distributed systems.
The topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Bio-inspired and self-* algorithms for parallel and distributed computing

  • Bio-inspired and self-* algorithms for P2P, Grid and Cloud systems

  • Bio-inspired and self-* techniques for the construction and management of distributed systems

  • Bio-inspired and self-* algorithms for data distribution, discovery, service composition, etc.

  • Parallel and distributed techniques of Swarm Intelligence: ant colonies, flocks of birds, etc..

  • Parallel and distributed evolutionary algorithms

  • High performance tools for bio-inspired and self-* algorithms and systems

  • Application of bio-inspired and self-* algorithms to routing, resource discovery, scheduling in parallel and distributed systems

  • Bio-inspired and self-*algorithms for data mining, bioinformatics, etc

  • Bio-inspired and self-* algorithms for social networks

  • Bio-inspired and self-* algorithms for energy saving in distributed networks